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flattery will get you nowhere - La Petite Mort [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Spinning 45 Ballerina

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flattery will get you nowhere [Mar. 31st, 2009|07:05 pm]
Spinning 45 Ballerina
[Current Music |the tams-be young, be foolish, be happy]

In my dreams I often visit this music shop that I totally made up. I don't think I've remembered it awake before today. It's all gray, quite dirty and the guy who owns it is super cool and often quite yummy though he changes from dream to dream. I always find lots of cheap great stuff but never buy any (and always leave feeling I've offended the procurator). Hope I still remember to go even now my conscious brain has been made awhere.

In other news Daniel Clowes absolutely detests Enid, his own creation. This makes me feel like there's prob not to many people who are likely to love me for being fabulously hateful. I've been compared to that masked avenger a couple of times, but always felt flattered. He must have said the same things about her when he visited the local comic con, but I think I repressed it. I was sixteen at the time and trying on latex cats masks every chance I got. To shy to go myself I made this total asshole I'd gone with try to get Mr. Clowes sign my copy of Ghost World. He said he was going to have a signing later, but never showed for it.

Yesterday, outside smoking with this kid at work. My headphones where around my neck and he asked me what I was listening to, I had to listen for it, but when I realized it was Devo I did a little dance and told him it was Whip It. He said I should seek help and listen to more ska. His face looked blank when I told him I liked the Specials, I think he's more into music without lyrics. Is it wrong to love music mostly for it's lyrics? And wtf is Dubstep anyways? I feel very old, only I'm 23 and I feel the kind of old only thirty somethings should feel. Like: what you never heard of Adam Ant?
Oh, I see... I've just youtubed Dubstep, It's semi abrasive juvenileia, (with a kinda duby step feel to it), and luckily I know all there is to know about abrasive juvenileia- Phu.