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my failings as a woman? sure: - La Petite Mort — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Spinning 45 Ballerina

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my failings as a woman? sure: [Feb. 12th, 2009|02:45 am]
Spinning 45 Ballerina
[Current Music |jacques brel-la chanson de jacky]

I was out on the town last night, I've all but quit my hedonistic habits but last night I had a beer or three. So I met this guy, and he's like oh my gawd, totally cute (and stupid and dull), with big brown curls. I bought more beer, (even though they where expensive and I have become this sad old miser lately) so I could stay on, you know, talk to him... (for I had detected the sweet sent of potential coitus when he asked me not to go.)

so that bar closed, that boringly loud one with all the natural blonds. outside at closing time I met a boy I went to school with but who I never really knew, we talked for a long time, like old pals. he has a full beard, I find him excitingly different. the guy I'd stayed to be with was just standing there, not talking, like puppet without it's strings, no animation of any kind. Is he coming home with me "for a drink"? I had offered, but he never answered, and if he wasn't, why was he still standing there? The beard lent over to him and whispered something, giggling (probably an attempt at including him). I guess he was asking if we where going to be doing the hocking up-thing. Curls was negating him. "no coitus for the big dumb blondie this night" I imagine was what he whispered back. So I set sail for my home stead- bidding them all a found farewell. I guess I was about halfway up the hill to the Museum when I turned around to see Curly coming up behind me. the retard was actually following me. regrettably, I let him. I didn't put my moves on him, but coming home for a drink, that only means one thing doesn't it? if we where having a great conversation then maybe not, but alas. he sat on my bed, still not talking, I hinted he should go, but he insisted on watching clips from that horrendous sitcom 'the IT crowd', blah and chucks. then he fell a sleep, at the foot of my bed. I tried to make him come up beside me, or at least go into the living room to sleep (I'm not to proud to tell you, at one point banging his head against the wall). but he was either fast asleep, or pretending to be. I woke up this morning, fully dressed and thinking what happened? (he had gone happily/naturally.) I've heard he is a shy boy, you can tell he is coy boy. but waving it in front of me, then taking it away like that, that's just cruel. I don't care if he was just to scared to do anything, the whole experience was just a little to "Norwegian Wood"... He needed to just take it one step further. or well, didn't actually need to do anything, just shouldn't have strung me along... (I will die alone.)