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twisted fate - La Petite Mort [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Spinning 45 Ballerina

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twisted fate [Dec. 7th, 2008|10:49 pm]
Spinning 45 Ballerina
[Current Music |zarah leander-yes, sir]

last week I yearned for a continental vacation. my nights where filled with nocturnal adventures in city's of somber soviet architecture and megalomaniac art nouveau buildings. the day after I had a particularly vivid dream where me and my mother went to Prague, Charlotte asked me if maybe I wanted to join her for 5 days in that very same city. It's a bargain, (I can't afford it of course). we're leaving on Tuesday, and returning on Saturday. I may not find the chocolate Black Devils they had in Poland, but I'm sure to find the vanilla ones, and they're just as black, I assure you.

(Oh, and I never rubbed that goblin or what ever on the Charles bridge. still I'm returning to Prague within the year. powerful juju...)