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friday on my mind - La Petite Mort [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Spinning 45 Ballerina

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friday on my mind [Sep. 5th, 2008|01:23 pm]
Spinning 45 Ballerina
[Current Music |fad gadget-life on the line]

for the first time in a long time I'm really looking forward to the weekend. tonight I'm going to see a play, and then go to a party for a friend of mine who's going to africa for a couple of months. It's out of the ordinary, cultural event+meeting new people. my plan is to bring some white vine in a plastic bottle to drink during the play. I love sitting there, in the dark, getting all warm and drunk. having people there to entertain me. work is boring, but soon it will be over. tomorrow I want me some esta action, the new and old.