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ska bla bla [more is more] - La Petite Mort [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Spinning 45 Ballerina

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ska bla bla [more is more] [Apr. 25th, 2006|02:28 pm]
Spinning 45 Ballerina
[Current Music |boney m-rasputin]

So I overslept like I always do for my Tuesday lectures. But me being out the house before ten o’clock, srisly? To bad really, we have this guest lecturer from Illinois and she is a real treat if a little bit pop-education, and I have no more cigarettes an no way to gett any. At least this gives me time to go on my computer before I go to work. And I have time to write a long LJ-entry about... well blah:D

So I’m listening to Wreckless Eric and the Fame soundtrack, and the world is a friendly place even if the cold wind blows and it kind of snows. I’m trying to download some the Specials (such a nice band) and scanning all music.com looking for some old ska acts to download. Some crazy lady singing about bananas or something…heaven…

So ‘Out of Breach (Manchester's Revenge)’ by MU is all music’s album of the day… I bought that peace of crap last year. I was really out shopping for some of Ladytron’s albums but thought it would be a good idea to instead expand my electro clash horizons that day, (yes; for at that time, early in 2005, despite the semi-ambience of 2002s light and magic, one could still consider Ladytron to be firmly attached to the ”electro clash”-idiom. No this term is off course completely outdated, one would scarcely even call a band like Le Tigre EC in 2006!(Still, it’s a better genre name than say ”dream pop” (losers) anyways:)) MU is to weird to be considered anything but an non-musical artistic endeavour, but the cover is nice and if I’m in the right mood when I listen to it I’m not even sorry I bought it. Mhm, allmusic is swimming in shit, and I'll buy anything with the word 'Manchester' on it. I realized pondering last night (the tinituss is keeping me up) that I in general only enjoy music buy bands or artist who pierce there lips while singing and make bedroom eyes at the cameras, so there you have it: the road to lazerkid's heart is whoreing yourself.

'so here is MU!':

Aaaargh! What the hell is wrong with eMule? Not even Ghost Town is ready. I’m listening to tuxedomoon and that’s nice but aah, me wantz 2nd wave ska!

Hmm, Let me tell you the story of the time this girls humiliated me at a party. It’s really stupid but I have nothing better to do while waiting for the Specials. Anyways at his party somebody put on this really shit ska record and this girl was sitting complaining that it was a shame that No Doubt didn’t make this kind of music anymore. I was pretty drunk and nursing a whiskey bottle but still I never pass up an opportunity to argue about music, so I tried to say something along the lines of: ”haha, No Doubt are a good enough pop-band with a really pretty lead singer, but SRUSLY? They're first album!? This pathetic try at 3rd wave ska-blabla is no better than a hit album like the Tragic Kingdom, cuz this is really bad deaf girl and If you’re trying to impress anyone with your fab taste in music than No Doubt is probably not the way to go”. But however it came out something like this: ”What do you mean "this kind of music?"” and she started laughing at me really loud (she was a couple of years older than me and I was younger than most people at the party) because she thought me ignorant of No Doubts cool ska-punk past. I was kind of impressed with here, I could never manage to act snotty over a piece a crap band like No Doubt but she did and she was better at it than I’ll ever be. Anyways, I didn’t cry I just muttered something drunk under my breath about having op ivy’s energy on vinyl so stfu.
Have you downloaded any Specials for me now eMule? No but the Speedies one track is complete… and it’s dull dull DULL late 70s punk. Okey, I can tidy my room, I’ll clean my room if you promisee me Ghost Town eMule!