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Spinning 45 Ballerina

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yuk [Nov. 24th, 2007|02:38 pm]
Spinning 45 Ballerina
[Current Location |HF computer room 314]
[Current Music |dusty springfield-in private]

big, huge, enormous, gross fly in here, detracts me from my work... but no more than facebook.

I danced to Human Fly yesterday. I actually had good time. drinking in a cemetery, dancing at Victoria, dancing to hip hop music at Opera. a friend of a friend wrote my name on a wall in purple. I think I'm going to take all my friends a' walking and than casually point to it and say "oh, I'll be darned, had almost forgotten, don't you know, a man wrote that, my name... for my pleasure...". in fact several people payed me compliments last night, although I hadn't dressed up at all, and that just made me paranoid... I guess they all have there reasons for doing and saying what they do, but maybe I shouldn't think that everyone is as sinister as me. anyways, I guess thats why I had fun.

Next weekend I'm getting new roommates. I like kinda love my old ones but heck, it's hard staying friends when you live together. one of them is just always angry at me, and acts like nervous wreck, repeating herself over and over again, and just acting very spastic. I can't really blame her, when you're annoyed you're annoyed and you can't help it, but we just have one week left together so i wish she would just stop it, (and it is quite disturbing some times) I've set my mind to "hurray, new roommates" so i don't really understand why the ones I have want to continue living together. I know it's childish, but i enjoy seeing the amount of communication problems they have, and rejoicingly in the fact that it's no longer my problem. this time around I'm going to do things differently. more open communication, and yet less open communication. I'm looking forward to people not being so used to living with me that they just makes a mess everywhere (and visa versa). I'm looking forward to nice furniture in the living room, and a stereo that works, internet connection, smoking with out anyone getting pissed off at me, and watching TV without people complaining "how stupid TV is". I'm crossing my fingers.