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it's all good

So here I am, in my old room. It’s not mine anymore, it doesn’t feel sad or anything, feels good to be on my own. Though I’m not really on my own, I’m surrounded by people most of the time, and that feels good to. Studying feels good, work feels good, people feel good and the whole global worming thing is really kicking in so the weather is good most of the time. Last weekend I sprained my ankle and that was bad. The bill from the emergency room hurt almost as much, and today I woke up with this huge brose on my belly, no idea how I got it. I’ve had a cold, and my scalp is really sore. So I have everything but my health, and so I say, it’s all good.

and suuuuunshiiine: cillians eyes = never / <3 -pathetic fan grrl

What up my white niggers?
Shout out belated birthday greeting goes out to my home girl zz_one
No you are truly old school, flip side

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