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Cabaret Cabaret! Das Man Ist Mein Ruin! - La Petite Mort — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Spinning 45 Ballerina

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Cabaret Cabaret! Das Man Ist Mein Ruin! [Mar. 23rd, 2006|04:17 pm]
Spinning 45 Ballerina

I’m going to a really cool theme party this weekend. Ok, I don’t know if the party’s cool, in fact I doubt it. But the theme is 20s German cabaret and I kind of feel like all the shopping I’ve ever done has been so that I would be prepared for this night. I’m going to this quasi-’Blue Engel’/’Marlene Dietrich’ thing with my new velvet city shorts and a tailcoat. I don’t have a top hat and I don’t think I ever really wanted one until this moment. (except this really great one somebody in Pink Floyd (probably Barret) was wearing at this 60s photo session. I would kill for that hat.) Its not original at all, but it is the ultimate cabaret cliché and nothing beats a great cliché. Anyways, I’m going to create a really great cd for this party, and nobody is gonna turn it off cuz I’m actually working kind of hard on it. I know nobodys going to appreciate my efforts but I’m really enjoying making it. Finally I have good reason to sheer all my great Brecht/Weill-songs, my Zarah Leander mp3s, and my Marlene. I do love my Dietrich. I’m going to start it off with a real pearl of the 3rd Reich, Zarah Leanders ‘Ich Weiß Es Wird Einmal‘, Zarah is Nina Hagen’s Libelling frau, and Nina is mine. Its perfect. Towards the end of the cd I’m inserting Ninas version, this really great 80s thing with synth galore and kind of a rap-beat. Full circle kind of thing. After Zarahs song I have Jobriaths ’Movie Queen’. This “lost glam legend” recorded a lot of songs I could have used but you would have to know who Clara Bow was and stuff to understand it’s relevance so I’m only using this great little tune about starlets and this weird Gershwinesque song with a Disneyesque coir about all the greats of movie music called Dietrich/Fondyke. Next up is Leander again and now the party is really getting started, ‘Er heißt Waldemar’ is a really festive and danceable love song. Leander was part Jewish and an unlikely nazi poster child, still she was the biggest star of the third Reich. this song reads like a mood indicator for the Germany in the 30s. Waldermar isn't ‘gross’ and ‘blonde’ but dark haired, still Leander loves him heaps, and isn't that great? :D ...the song makes a great bridge to Marlene’s blond women songs later on. Okay, I put in a Dresden Dolls song, I don’t really like the dolls. They have one good song, and ’Coin Operated Boy’ isn't it. I’m putting it on here just in case the goth children get anxious and start talking about putting on some Manson or something. Anyways, its cabaret enough. Then there is the ever popular ‘Ich bin Die Fresche Lola‘. Great song. Track six is Nina Hagen’s version of the Alabama Song. Then we have more Weill/Brecht, ’Mack the Knife’ from the ’Twelve Penny Opera’. And who better to sing it than Nick Cave? No one thats who! ‘Kinder, Haut'abrnd Such Ich Mir Was Aus’ mitt Dietrich, tanzen tanzen! Then we have the very short 'the dirty song’ from Baal, it's extremely dirty actually. I’m getting flustered just thinking of it... *giggles*. Oh, And than the odd man out. Swedish synth heroes Ljustans Lakejer has a little ditty called 'säng om syrsor'. Probably something from yester years that they’ve just covered. Then we have Marlene’s ever insightful ‘Nimm Dich In Acht Von Blonden Frauen’ followed buy the same in English (’Blonde Women’). Then we have Brecht and Weills ’Baal’s Hymn’ with David Bowie, ’Lili Marlene’ sang by guess who, and Klaus Nomis ’Ding Dong’ (you know ”ding dong the witch is dead” from the Wizard of Oz) just to warm the people up for Nina Hagen’s ‘Zarah (Ich Weiß, Ess Wird Einmal Ein Wunder Geschehn)’. Ups’ I’m going to be late for work!!!! :O


[User Picture]From: lazerkid
2006-03-23 09:06 pm (UTC)


det er sunniva sin nye venn sin greie dah. det er derfor jeg føler meg så priveligert. det er ikke min ide litt en gang. jeg kan brenne cder dah. det kan jeg alltid. jeg er cd brenneren fra helvette.
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