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this and that, me not beeing cool and cute for once. - La Petite Mort [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Spinning 45 Ballerina

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this and that, me not beeing cool and cute for once. [Mar. 21st, 2006|05:53 pm]
Spinning 45 Ballerina
I think I like livejournal. So I'm going to spend more time her. What should i write about? I know! Lets do something in Norwegian. How about a poem?

han trakk en tann i dann og vann og mente at han var riktig en mann.
bedøvese trengte han ikke og viste det med hele blikket, satt rolig i stolen uten å vrikke.
en dag var den siste tannen borte, han siklet på min bommulsskjorte, hver stump i gommen var en vorte
‘dette har jeg i grunnen ikke tenk over, mon tro om de vokser ut igjen mens jeg sover? eller er det imot naturens lover?’

<--g-sus I am a talented one. and an artist, this is my home made panda chest!

yesterday we had a lecture about Bourdieux and some of the scientists at the university had made this study with the students in my town based on Bourdieuxs distinction. it was interesting but I just couldn't help being annoyed buy peoples extremely mainstream and frankly pompous taste in literature. what the hell is up with people who enjoy Tolstoy? do they like being bored? what could they possibly find to interest them in all those stuffy old works by these classic well known and acclaimed authors? could they in any way just be faking an appreciation for these books to, oh I don’t know, seem more intellectual? I don’t think these people enjoy books at all or at the very least don’t have opinions on the stuff you do read. all these names like Hamsun, Strinberg, Kafka, Flaubert, Dostojevskij (ok I kinda like this guy) and all the other old wankers. some people even said they liked Ibsen, and I can’t believe that anyone in Norway with half there brain intact could ever like him after having had a dolls house crammed down there neck since kindergarten, (anyway he’s a playwright, your not supposed to read his stuff!). Its such a hoax!
the boring never ending tales of men not getting any, walking (in later books driving) around the big city feeling alienated and treating women bad because they just can’t get they're head out of there ass for two seconds. I can somehow get that men like to read about these horrible heroes but women who like it must be as stupid and hollow as the ones depicted in the novels. but that’s just my opinion, laik i.m.h.o!!!
the other thing that pissed me off, (yes there’s more) was the total lack of any female authors on the ‘intellectuals’ chart, some way down towards the taste of women nursing school students you find Fey Weldon, but she’s the only one who ranks anywhere close to up there. but I guess I’ve heard people saying that the Brontës and Austen’s works are “women’s literature” enough times during my literary science class to know what’s what.
anyways. when you find new authors to pretend to like, try to just get one women in there and I will be pleased. I must admit there’s not many women on my list either, but there are some.. If you like soil of the earth buy Hamsun (you nazi fool) why not read some of Hilder Jølsens books. I think Virginia Wolf is an impressive lesbo. Read something by her. I know she’s not cool like Bukowsky but maybe you could learn something about being a woman and not just being some brainless little tramp who gets trampled on. there, I’ve said my peace.

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[User Picture]From: lazerkid
2006-03-22 01:04 pm (UTC)
Seri0uXly? woaw. I <3 u 2!
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