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Spinning 45 Ballerina

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woawwoawwoaw [May. 12th, 2006|05:43 pm]
Spinning 45 Ballerina
[Current Music |kate bush-wow]

A day with Kate Bush on the brain. Yesterday it was all the Bobbyteens “Backseat Lover“ , there a really great neo-garage grrl band. Not as annoying as fallow Ramones femmes the Donnas, a lot of fun.

“If I go to heaven and your not there,
I’ll carve your name on each golden stair.
If your not there by judgement day,
I’ll know you went the other way.”

Was going to buy myself some new glad rags today. Never even got to hit the shops, I just went to this record shop thingy and spent my money there. Now I’m the proud owner of Raw Power (the Stooges) and Junk Yard (the Birthday Party) on vinyl. And I bought a Fad Gadget album, never owned anything by him before. Hurray. I like shopping, baby.

Tonight: the Musèhage and probably my friends apartment if it gets to chilly. Looking forward to it.

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