Spinning 45 Ballerina (lazerkid) wrote,
Spinning 45 Ballerina

«Who knows if it’s real or just something we’re both dreaming of. »

Since we’ve reached the point during the month where I feel terribly heartsick for virtually now reason, I’m posting this; the surprisingly satisfying duet between Siouxsie Sioux and my one master Morrissey.
Years and years ago, when I first discovered this improbable recording I came upon a hilarious debate at one of the music forums I frequented at the time.
Apparently Siouxsie had dished on her experience recording this to some radio host, and it seems Morrissey had behaved less then gentlemanly towards her, making no room for chitchat, and at one point refusing to look at her at all. It should not surprise anyone that the Mozz sometimes acts as if he were a little bitch. But Morrissey-stans being what they are, any insult to they’re king like virgin fool is blasphemy.
It turned ugly, as someone described the marvelous Siouxsie (who arguably made fewer shit records the past 20 years than Morrissey) as an “irrelevant washout”. Oh cruel world.

Stupid Morrissey, standing there with his arms open complaining how no one will ever hold him, though he could make love to a million people in a heartbeat. Let’s not be like him.
Tags: musical musings, youtube recommendation
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