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Spinning 45 Ballerina

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getting played [Jan. 27th, 2010|01:01 am]
Spinning 45 Ballerina
[Tags|, ]

If anyone out there ever had a hold over me and my heart It's Bryan Ferry. He whispers only the sweetest nothings, forever tugging at the pink lace ribbons that make up my heartstrings. I fall In love with a phrase or a lush scenario, or one of his melodies shatter my heart. Either way it feels as real as any other love turning my stomach or making me blush. Last time in love (the kind spelled L-U-V) "More than this" playing in a tacky bar made me burst into tears. I really liked that boy, but I love the song, It's physical effect on me tangible even as memory. Only Bryan can satisfy the romantic in me by crooning me into submission. I can't even care that he might be a slick grifter only telling me what I want to hear. But Bryan's one time handsome face in this video makes me shutter, It's revealing of how far sweet talk can get you. I've been pierced by countless pink darts overthe years, and the man throwing them has a face thats a cross between that of a granny's and my fuggest lover's orgasm grimace. Oh I'm being cruel, I've seen the man in the flesh, he's still a looker. A dandy and the perfect womaniser, a fantasy... deserving of this early valentines.
All the world, even you
Should learn to love the way I do